Full support of Production – from preparation through planning up to the management of production processes. Processing of graphic data, including graphical analysis of planned processes. The full range of digital system engineering (Digital Factory) from concept to realization. Manufacturing and installation of tools and equipment for production is our new and expanding area.

Areas of service(s)

  • Technical preparation of production
  • Proposing options and alternatives
  • Inventory optimization
  • Oversight of processes in production
  • Optimization of capacity resources
  • Data collection
  • Creative & technical artwork
  • Design application

How GrowIT does

Our consultants perform research, analysis and definition of the necessary measures and recommendations for customers. Alternatively, our consultants can be placed directly “on spot” to a customer’s organisational structure in order to implement measures in practice until fully functional.

Benefits GrowIT delivers

  • Optimization of production planning and management,
  • Effective time planning and capacity balance,
  • Application of modern tools for planning and management of production,
  • Using the state-of-the-art softwares,
  • Interconnection of graphic data and data from databases,Professionalism and flexibility.
    Professionalism and flexibility.

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