Design, optimisation and management of Enterprise Architecture to support contious business needs and at the same time reflecting integration and standardization requirements to deliver goods and services for the customer.

Areas of service(s)

  • Design business service management model consisting of process, information and application models
  • Alignment of IT service model to business service model
  • Documentation and optimization of business processes
  • Design / optimisation of n-layers model of application architecture
  • Service oriented architecture, IT service model a management methodology

How GrowIT does

The strategic business model is designed by assessment of values disciplines. Once proper business model is defined then appropriate process, information and application models are developed respecting best industrial frameworks and practices.

Benefits GrowIT delivers

Clearly defined business architecture consisting of:

  • Optimal business process, roles and responsibilities
  • Well described company-wide information sources (meta data model)
  • Properly designed and managed enterprise application architecture is a basis for building of competitive advantage through increased operational efficiency.

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