Project Management is a set of abilities, skills and experience acquired in the practice – transformation initiatives based on PMBOK, IPMA & PMI methodology and best market practices. The Business Transformation Management is more complex than a simple project management skillset. It encompasses the understanding and redesign of the company purpose, business value propositions, customers and channels with the link to the internal operational model based on the operative processes, management, support processes, organizational design with respective resources, key partners generating revenues and costs – that should assure the required Return on Capital and other corporate performance parameters set by the company owner.

Areas of service(s)

  • Business strategy build
  • Business model transformation
  • Portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Project audit, structure, planning or direct execution
  • Issue, Risk, Financial and Change Management
  • Business process management
  • LEAN culture implementation

How GrowIT does

GrowIT offers professional project managers who speak “one language” that play critical roles in the transformation initiatives and communication throughout the company. The project manager will work structurally with the project sponsor, the project team, and the internal company environment to deliver the benefits of change incorporated in the project charter. We direct the value proposition and its streaming throughout the business model of the company, suggestions for the transformation as well as simplification of the current business model due to market changes, to the company owner’s goals, or to prepare for digitization.

Benefits GrowIT delivers

Our clients will have higher chances to accomplish critical changes in their company, furthermore, the stakeholders will be able to supervise the progress and earned value of the project/transformation initiative. We deliver:

  • clear and executable strategic change,
  • controlled implementation and impact on the sales results and the company business performance via the set of right KPIs.
  • holistic understanding and easy challenge of the existing business model set up and interlocked value propositions to customers,
  • suggestion for the transformation in order to improve the model set up to better fit the customer needs and goals, clear link to Service Model, Resources, Revenues and Costs,
  • early linkage of the business ideas to company value propositions and business goals,
  • challenge of the ideas viability at the enterprise level and based on the business value to be generated,
  • consistency in the Project Portfolio structure and in the Budget spending (OPEX, CAPEX) with simulated impact on the Company P&L,
  • early warning on the scope input/output, resource and budget dependencies/threats of projects in the Portfolio,
  • transparent business environment with understanding of leading and lagging KPIs,
  • developed ability to manage the financial outcome through the process KPIs (activity based management) and thus higher chances to reach targets in Business performance efficiency,
  • simpler environment with less rules, easier communication thanks to horizontal organization structure,
  • higher Business Performance efficiency with lower costs due to reduced wastes in the system (processes, people, technologies)

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